An Arduino-Based Smart Digital Flushable Toilet for Efficient Water Management And Enhanced Hygiene

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Winston Kabaso
Aaron Zimba


Despite flushable toilet invention being helpful to humans, especially in towns and cities, flushing waste has become very expensive both in household and public places coupled with health risks of contracting some infectious diseases like streptococcus, diarrhea, etc, due to its use. These are primarily spread in public toilets such as hospitals, schools, bus stations, etc. Global warming and climate change have caused water management to become an issue that requires a concerted effort from all users, if not well managed at household and public levels, the monthly cost becomes high as some people tend to flush urine with the same amount of water as if it were stool by emptying the entire cistern into the bowl which is a waste of water hence pausing an economic challenge at both household and public places. Many people do not sanitize the toilet seat before use which if not well handled may harbor germs that may infect users. Therefore, the developed system ensures that there is automated flushing of waste with a distinct amount of water for urine and stool. The developed system also automatically sanitizes the toilet seat before someone sits on it hence reducing infectious diseases like covid-19. The system was developed using technologies and frameworks like Arduino Microcontroller which controls how the various toilet parts operate automatedly and C programming language was used for code.

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Kabaso, W., & Zimba, A. (2023). An Arduino-Based Smart Digital Flushable Toilet for Efficient Water Management And Enhanced Hygiene. Zambia ICT Journal, 7(1), 16–22.
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Aaron Zimba, ZCAS University

Department of Computer Science

School of Computing, Technology and Applied Sciences

ZCAS University