Examining Factors Influencing the Adoption mobile application in collaborative learning

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Phillimon Mumba
Maybin Lengwe


Nations are making huge investments to ensure that their citizens receive the education so that they can contribute to different aspects of development of a country. Despite the investments in education in many countries, researches show that there is need to improve the quality of education offered in tertiary institutions. To improve the quality of education offered institution of higher learning need to consider approaches that place students at the center of the learning process. One such approach is to use mobile application-aided collaborative learning. Mobile application-aided Collaborative learning promises great benefits to students and institutions. However, to successfully implement mobile application aided collaborative learning, it is important to determine if students are ready to use it. In this paper, we use the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) to determine the key factors that should be put in place for collaborative learning to be used successfully. The main contribution that this paper makes is that, it identifies the factors that Copperbelt University needs to work on so that collaborative learning can be used more effectively.

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